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gps tracking phone number location

It is the piece of technology that accompanies us everywhere and, probably, the one that gives us away if we skip the law. The mobile phone is an ideal tool to place a person in the place of a crime and is a fact that the forces and state security forces used to incriminate a suspect. "They allow you to locate a person in a radius of between 40 and 200 meters," police sources tell Teknautas. The case of the peddler of Ciudad Lineal, whose trial is being held these days, or that of Diana Quer have again highlighted the importance of mobile.

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The very nature of the telephone network allows the Police or Civil Guard to track the footsteps of a suspect. To do this, they must have clear indications that the person "poses a danger to the physical or sexual integrity of a person" for a judge to order the operators to share the data. "It is usually done in cases of disappearances, homicides or when you need to know where a person was at any given time," explained the police sources consulted.

The investigation of the alleged pederast of Ciudad Lineal shows that Antonio Ortiz's cell phone was in the areas where the minors were captured and that it was turned off during the hours of the attacks. That maneuver, turn off the phone, is one of the few that ensure that a phone can be traced. But even airplane mode does not guarantee that operators can not locate one of their customers.

"If the Wi-Fi is activated, the phone searches for antennas to be connected at all times to receive data and connect to the network, it does it automatically," the sources said. This information, along with the one that emits a mobile when fully operational, is the one that helps to triangulate the position.
"Telephony antennas, also known as base stations, have a register of the mobiles that are connected. It is necessary because if I call you in Madrid, the network needs to know in which network you are going to transfer the call to that station." The phrase is from Hector Solar, from the Center for Studies and Technological Research of Gipuzkoa (CEIT), which recalls that it is not a technology that has nothing out of the ordinary: "Responds to the needs of communications."
The location of a mobile is easier in a city than in the countryside due to the number of antennas. The margin of error in urban environments is meters
The environment is, in many cases, responsible for such a traceability to occur more or less accurately. In city, where the antennas are multiplied, there are more tools to triangulate a position while in rural areas the margins of error are greater. The sources consulted by Teknautas explain that, in the case of being within the reach of two antennas, it is much easier to limit the area in which that mobile is.

They are not evenly distributed
The distribution of these antennas does not respond to an exact rule but there are variations depending on the terrain. Solar explains that in rural areas there is a tendency to "look for elevated areas" but they can not be equidistant because "the terrain is irregular". It also ensures that there are antennas located along the highways so that there is always coverage. "It's an irregular distribution but it has some logic," he concludes.
In city, it is the buildings and the orography that determine the zones suitable to install antennas. "If you are looking for high points or buildings If Telefónica has a building, it places it there and if it does not, it negotiates with a neighborhood community The density is higher because there are more obstacles like the concrete walls inside the apartments. The signal, "he explains.
If Wi-Fi is on, your phone searches for antennas to connect to at any time to receive data and connect to the network
That the number of antennas increase exponentially in the city means that the tracking of a mobile can "have a margin of error that is measured in meters," Solar illustrates. According to this communications engineer, you can know the routine of a person and how long will he buy if he is accustomed to following the same habits in a daily way.
Police sources also recall that social networks are another tool to geolocalize a person and ensure that data can be obtained with "an accuracy of about 1 0 meters. "Although the phone is located in real time, a judicial authorization is required to authorize" the intervention of communications, which is not the same as requesting positioning data. "

Nowadays GPS is indispensable for many people. Daily, different types of users use them on their travels, to consult an address or to know the weather forecast in their city on their mobile devices. Within the framework of mobiles, the global positioning system has reached such an integration point that even allows us to find it if we lose it, and even block or delete the information in case of theft. This device could also be key in the rescue or localization of missing persons. However, all this well is counteracted if we use it as a method of espionage, something that is totally illegal.

Track a phone using GPS to locate people
In these days of the digital age, many parents have chosen to use the GPS of their children's mobiles to have them located. The technology may not have been introduced into teenagers' heads - which many would probably welcome - but it does allow them to track and block their terminals from a distance.
In another order, many older people disappear a year. If they carry a mobile phone with GPS are easier to find, and so will probably avoid many tragic situations.

Locate lost children or family members
To be able to know this, in the first place, it is essential that the person that we want to locate has a mobile phone with GPS. Older mobile phones can also be found, but their methods are more cumbersome and less precise, so it is advisable to always use the GPS location method.
Secondly we will have to register the mobile phone that we want to locate in a special web service, with which we can know where the device is located. On what types of online services there will be talk later, although suffice to say that in order to use them we will have to install their software in the terminal and then go to the web.
This will give us certain guarantees when locating a device, although in case of emergency it is better to go to the authorities. Police and other agencies can triangulate a person's position based on where they locate their phone. Telephones are kept in constant contact with the telephone towers and records of this are preserved.

Know the location of our friends
Some websites have Java applications that help you stay in touch by posting your location in real time so your friends can see it. In order to use them, it is only necessary to install the mobile application that are usually paired with them, register the terminal and then enter the web with our access credentials. The map you see after entering will allow you to easily get directions to find the person you are looking for.
Some are free, but others, for a small monthly amount, offer you the possibility of using your mobile phone to find people directly.
Applications to locate people
As we have just commented, many web services have applications that work as complements when locating a terminal. Next we will give you some names for iOS and Android that will facilitate much the task to him when it comes to locating people.

APPs for iPhone and iPad to track via Cell Phone Tracker
One of the main options you have to find a GPS phone if you are an iOS user is, using your iCloud account, use the Find My iPhone service that comes included by default on your iPhone or your iPad. Through this app you not only know where your terminal is in case of theft, but also you can lock the device or delete it.
In addition to this feature, we have other options such as Family Locator by Life360, aimed especially at locating teenagers and seniors. This is a free application that lets you know where a family member is, and through which we can request to be sent to us by sending the location, time and even a map of where it is exactly.

Another interesting option to know where our friends are is Find My Friends. To use it we will have to download it, install it and invite our friends to do it too. When we have done this, we can always know where our friends are.

Android apps to find someone
In Android there are also different solutions to locate a phone by GPS. The first is Android Device Manager, the equivalent of Apple's Find My Phone. It offers the same services for each and every one of the Android devices that we have registered in our account.

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